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What We Really Provide Is Peace of Mind

The healthcare industry is complicated but business does not have to be. Either you have done right or you have done wrong and very rarely is that not clear. At Mansa Medical, we do things the right way and we stay until the job is done. As one of the top medical diagnostic equipment companies in the U.S., our ultimate responsibility is to the patient. Our duty is to provide products that are safe, technology that is current. We supply the tools necessary for facilities to serve their patients in a way that inspires comfort, confidence, and hope.

At the end of every job, we ask ourselves: “Would I put my father through this machine? My brother? My wife or child?” If there is any hesitation, then the job is incomplete and more must be done. We are in the business of providing products that identify life-altering scenarios for people and we take that very seriously. At Mansa Medical, we are driven by the capability of modern medicine, the benefits of technology in healthcare and our mission is inspired by the lives our products can change. We vow to do our part and in doing so believe that we contribute to a happier, healthier world.

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Our Equipment

We take pride in having the highest of quality  diagnostic imaging machines including MRI, CT or PET scanners. Our refurbished equipment are dependable, perform like new, be up to OEM specifications and operate perfectly for your patients’ needs.

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