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Mansa Medical offers a wide range of mobile CT machine models to suit the needs of any healthcare facility. Our team of experts can help you buy or rent the right model for your specific requirements. We are proud to offer the best selection of models on the market!

Mobile CT Scanner For Sale or Lease

  • A number of machine model options can be used
  • No need to build out your facility to accommodate a CT
  • Maintain uptime during construction or renovation
  • Limit risk of of losing your investment due to natural disasters
  • Reduce patient backlog
  • Reduce operating costs

Would you be interested in a “cooperative rental” of a mobile CT from several days a week to every couple months? We’re establishing new CT routes across the US as we service several state & rural institutions.

  • Don’t have to pay full monthly rates
  • Aren’t responsible for service
  • We can provide set up, technicians, radiologist readings, etc.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Serve your patients’ and community
  • Scan 10 – 13 patients in a day on average

Learn More!

Understanding Mobile CT Machines

Mobile CT machines are a highly advanced piece of equipment and offer a flexible solution for those who have limited space at their facility or run traveling clinics. Additionally, the up-front cost of renting a mobile CT is significantly lower than the purchase and installation of stationary CT machines!


The Benefits of a Mobile CT Scanner

Mansa Medical offers used & refurbished mobile CT scanners that are easy to transport and can be used in a variety of settings – making it ideal for hospitals or clinics that have limited funds or space. The scanner is very versatile, capable of performing a wide range of scans, including brain, abdominal, and cardiac. It provides additional flexibility and cost-effectiveness, without compromising any functionality.


Key Advantages of a Mobile CT Scanner

Mobile CT scanners have several advantages over stationary CT scanners. 

  • First, mobile CT scanners can be used to reduce wait times by increasing the existing capacity of your clinic.
  • Second, mobile CT scanners are generally less expensive than stationary CT scanners as they don’t require significant buildout – perfect for testing market demand before marketing a large investment.
  • Third, mobile CT scanners can be brought to the patient you’re trying to serve, expanding your patient reach or even allowing you to react to unfortunate events like natural disasters for community outreach.  
  • Finally, mobile CT scanners provide a higher level of flexibility and convenience, as they can be quickly moved from one location to another. This could help you support multiple clinics at the same time (inviting partnerships/joint ventures). 


Choosing a Mobile CT by Slice

Mansa Medical offers a variety of mobile CT machines ranging from 8 to 64 slices. From scanning bones to soft tissue, we can find a mobile solution for any of your clinic needs. Below are our most popular models.

  • Mobile 8-Slice CT Scanner – Delivers the diagnostic quality Non-Contrast, Angiography and Contrast Perfusion scans in just minutes. This powerful tool offers an easy to use interface with immediate image viewing.
  • Mobile 16-Slice CT Scanner – The staple in today’s market. High quality images of anatomy with multiple images and 3-dimensional viewing.
  • Mobile 32-Slice CT Scanner –  Clearer images, faster scanning and lower doses of radiation. 
  • Mobile 64-Slice CT Scanner Advanced detector capabilities, reconstruction software algorithms, fast scanning, better image quality and capable of cardiac scanning.  


What Does A Mobile CT Rental Cost?

The cost of Mobile CT rentals depends on the slice count, brand and availability but can range anywhere between $15,000 to $20,000 per month.


Additional Rental Costs

Mansa Medical strives to make the renting process as easy and stress-free as possible for our customers. We understand that there are a lot of additional fees that come along with rental quote requests, so we do our best to include all of the necessary fees upfront. Security deposits, transportation, installation, and cleaning fees are all part of our quote in order to provide our customers with the most accurate estimate possible. 


Mobile MRI Site Planning Basics

The first step in planning a mobile CT scanner rental project is to assess your specific needs. Knowing the model of current scanners tells us what would be best suited for you and we will also determine if an option to extend delivery time or purchase additional equipment is required, among other things like site planning configuration requirements before delivering them onsite!


Preparing Your Site For A Mobile CT Rental

In order to ensure a successful mobile CT hook up, it is important that you take into account the various factors involved. These include surface and space requirements, network communications, power needs, and stock consumables. The type of state regulations also matters as they can vary greatly between state-to-state.


Rent / Lease Guidelines Delivery Day

First, the physical delivery of your order will be handled by our drivers. They’ll park the unit per client instruction, deploy any patient lifts and expandable sides you’ve requested. In addition, they will set up any ramps or stairs necessary for elderly or disabled patients.

Second, we will set up the power connection between the mobile CT and the facility, unless other arrangements have been made. The electrician will need to check if there are any issues with phase curtains or extensions in order for this work to be properly completed. 

Lastly, the field engineer will confirm that the mobile is fully functional and thoroughly tested with quality assurance in mind. They’ll run calibrations, making sure everything’s ready for use by your company before turning over control of it. If needed, they’ll provide comprehensive training and ensure your team knows what needs done.

Should You Rent or
Buy A Mobile CT Machine?

We at Mansa Medical offer a wide range of Mobile CT Units to imaging centers, clinics and hospitals, including government health systems. We have units available for short term rental, long term rental, or direct purchase. We’re here to provide you with the best service possible!


Why Rent a Mobile CT Scanner?

Mobile CT rentals make perfect sense for many reasons, especially if you need to test your market or design a new CT suite. They offer a quick-fix solution to grow your clinic. In some cases, maybe there’s some funds allocated to expansion or training, but not enough to spend on stationary equipment. Mobile units can come at a very affordable price point and do not require that large initial investment. Plus, with renting a mobile CT, you no longer have to spend extra capital on recurring maintenance, repairs, or upkeep. 

Other Benefits of Renting a Mobile CT Scanners

Mobile CT scanning has been proven to be an advantageous option in many different settings. In fact, clinics and hospitals across the country have found that this new technology provides them with many benefits such as minimal investment costs or easier installation process for instance! It’s no wonder why more medical professionals are switching over from traditional methods which can sometimes involve large investments needed just on maintenance alone.

Mobile CT Electricity Source

The Mobile CT scanner rental systems do require an external source of electricity
(480V 3 Phase power). We will work with your facility’s engineer or a local contractor to run power directly from utilities into the trailer without any additional steps needed on their end.

Dimensions of a Mobile CT Trailer

The weight of a Mobile CT scanner rental trailer can be as much as 30 tons. But don’t worry, we offer larger super coach trailers. These vehicles are typically 48 feet long, 8.5 feet wide, and 13.5 feet high with an interior capacity ranging from 4-10 people depending upon which type you rent out. 

How Long Can I Rent a Mobile CT Trailer? 

We know that every project is different, so we offer Mobile CT rentals anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. We will advise you on the best solution for your needs and time frame to ensure you can get
top-of-the line technology at an affordable price with terms that work for what’s important in this moment – YOU!




Can I park a mobile at my facility if I don’t have an actual pad?

Yes, you can park a mobile home on concrete or asphalt. We simply need to reinforce the landing points with plywood or a steel plate to ensure that your parking areas are not damaged.


What if the CT we’re currently using isn’t available for rent or lease?

In the event that a direct replacement for your current CT is not available, we will provide application training to your staff to make sure they are confident and comfortable using the mobile CT. 


How do I determine where I need to place the mobile to reach the onshore electrical connection?

With our system diagram as a guide, measure from the point where your power cord exits to what you want it connected at. We will provide an accurate length based on this information (additional charges may apply if there are any electrical connections needing more than around 18 feet).


How far in advance should I book a mobile scanner  to make sure it’s available for my project?

The best way to get a mobile system is by securing it through contract as soon as possible. That said, to ensure that your space works, obstacles are identified and availability isn’t an issue we recommend committing to the mobile at least 3-6 months in advance. 


Does billing begin at delivery?

Billing does not begin until the scanner is running to OEM standards at your site, ready for patient scanning, as defined by contract. We routinely deliver several days before your scheduled patients, so that you are never charged for any services during the setup period!


What if a mobile CT is needed after the term of the lease?

We want to make sure you can use your mobile CT scanner as long as you are happy with it. We’ll work with you to understand a new timeline and if requested a contract extension.


What do I do if I am having a problem with the CT scanner or the trailer?

If at any point during your service event, the power goes out or something else happens that may be related to our work being done on site – just give us a call. Our friendly customer support team will get back immediately with whatever information is needed so they can take care of things as soon as possible and fix everything right away.

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