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Quality Reconditioned CT Scanners for Sale

Mansa Medical offers a large selection of reconditioned CT machines ranging from 4 to 320 slices. Not only are they affordable, but they are also dependable and provide the highest quality images for hospitals, imaging centers, and healthcare facilities across the U.S. 

We understand that there is a lot to consider when deciding which imaging machine to purchase. The experienced team at Mansa Medical is here to help with that decision. We consult you on the CT scanner that best fits your needs as well as your patients. Our process also includes delivery and installation to ensure that you are left more than satisfied with your CT machine. 

Stop outsourcing your CT scan needs and take your operation in-house by contacting Mansa Medical today!


What is CT?

CT stands for computed tomography. A CT scan machine is medical imaging equipment that combines a series of X-ray images taken from multiple angles within the body. 

What does a CT machine do?

A CT scanner uses radiation to get detailed pictures of the organs inside your body. The radiation that passes through your body is recorded, digitized, and then sent to a computer that records and displays the information for the medical profession to use for diagnosis.

CT scans or CAT scans are a vital part of the diagnosis and treatment process for cancer. It’s also well-suited to examine people who may have internal injuries from a traumatic incident including a car accident. 

What to expect from a CT? 

Most often, patients are given an oral contrast to drink before the CT scan. It assists the person reading your scans to see them more clearly. You’ll then lie down on a table that will be surrounded by a donut-shaped tube which will move around you as it collects images. This process can typically take 20 minutes or less. CT units rarely cause discomfort or stress for patients.

To learn more about the CT scanner we sell, contact us today.

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