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Mobile Imaging Machines For Sale & Lease

“It’s all about Logistics & Support”

Mansa Medical has resources throughout the United States so that our main business of supplying federal institutions with Diagnostic Services continues uninterrupted. It is easier for us to plug you into the mix than it would be for another company to establish your location and then support it. We’re already there. Whether it is trailer work, HVAC work, or equipment maintenance, Mansa Medical has the expertise and accountability to keep you up and running.


All Around Service

  • Site Analysis and Preparation
  • Transportation, set up/Breakdown
  • Patient Flow Implementation and S.O.P.s
  • Technicians, Radiologists, MCs
  • PACs support
  • 24/7, 365 days a year Remote Monitoring with Notifications
    • Helium Level Percentage
    • Helium Pressure
    • Recon SI
    • Recon RuO
    • Cold head RuO
    • Water Supply/Return and Temp Delta
    • Room Temperature
    • Room Humidity
    • Shield Temperature
    • Electrical/Power fluctuation
  • Helium Pool for standard and emergency fills
  • Full Equipment, HVAC, and Trailer service
  • Logistics/operations assistance for route and multiple facility optimization


Would you be interested in a “cooperative rental” of a mobile MRI or CT from several days a week to every couple months? We’re establishing new MRI & CT routes across the US as we service several state & rural institutions.

  • Don’t have to pay full monthly rates
  • Aren’t responsible for service
  • We can provide set up, technicians, radiologist readings, etc.
  • Flexible schedule
  • Serve your patients’ and community
  • Scan 10 – 13 patients in a day on average

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Federal, State & Government Institutions

“#1 provider for Federal and State Institutions across the United States”

  • We know the drill
  • Have all the proper documentation, certifications and backgrounds
  • Consistent, transparent, reliable partners that understand the environment
  • Flexible Schedule/Regular Dispatching
  • Full Service and regular monitoring
  • Use logistics Department to keep routes organized and allow for advanced quarterly scheduling
  • Full Staffing including techs, assistants, radiologists, drivers, etc. 
  • Quick image turnaround
  • CD/DVD burners for patients
  • Work with institution to increase ease of patient flow

Regional and Rural Hospitals/Imaging Centers

“We go where no one else will”

  • Our drivers know the backroads and how to handle them in any weather conditions
  • Our drivers specialize in transporting MRI/CT technology, know how to monitor them during transit and can address issues that happen on the road so that deliveries are made on time.
  • All units have regular monitoring and full service
  • Provide all supplies necessary for scanning (contrast, etc.)
  • Current technology
  • Full staffing options and quick image turnaround
  • Happy to service multiple locations or branches
  • Fully customizable programs including day, week, monthly and yearly rates as well as staffing and full outpatient capabilities.
  • Large regions already established and willing to grow
  • Competitive day rates

Private Ownership

“We know the business and can help you grow”

  • Have imaging solutions for each stage of growth
  • Understand the market and equipment trends
  • Will talk you through what you NEED to be competitive vs. what is in high demand
  • Fully customizable programs including day, week, monthly and yearly rates as well as staffing and full outpatient capabilities.
  • Work with your site to implement efficient processes and procedures to maximize patient flow
  • Mobiles are very versatile
  • Controlled overhead/fixed rates
  • Help with downtime, multiple facility upgrades, market research, temporary and long term solutions
  • We care

Full Service Rentals/Leasing/Joint Ventures

“Customization Kept Simple. We’re here to make it work.”

  • Private Custom Rental
    • Monthly/Annual rates
    • Full Service, 24/7 monitoring, regular PMs
    • Full outpatient services tailored to your facility needs
    • One dedicated unit for your site alone
  • Joint/Cooperative Leasing
    • Daily/Weekly rates
    • Plug you into an existing route
    • Flexible schedule
    • Full outpatient services tailored to your facility needs
    • (Joint Leasing sign up)

Site Planning

Mansa Medical will work with your site to ensure that your space can properly support a mobile MRI.

  • The recommended concrete support pad is roughly 43’ long by 10’ wide that has a levelness that does not exceed 0.25” deviation in 10’0”.
  • The site will require adequate power in the form of 480 VOLT, AC, 3-phase, fused 200 amps.
    • The power will be connected to the trailer using a Russell-Stoll shoreline cable that connects to a Russell-Stoll receptacle on-site.
  • The unit can be placed in a stand-alone configurations or rigged-in so that it is attached to/flush with the building protecting the patient from any exposure to the outside environment (both configurations shown below).


Stand-Alone Configuration


Flush Configuration



Work With Us

Request Equipment Procurement or Service

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