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The Best Engineers Provide the Best Equipment

Whether MRI, CT or PET we take pride in the most dependable medical imaging equipment and services in the market. The radiology equipment we have for sale will look and perform like new, be up to OEM specifications and operate cleanly for your patients’ needs.

MRI machine

MRI Machines

Mansa Medical offers a large selection of reconditioned MRI’s including low field open, 1.5T, 3T, and Mobile MRIs. MRIs are diagnostic imaging machines that can create more detailed images of organs, soft tissues, spinal cords and brains than CT units.

CT scanner

CT Scanners

Mansa Medical offers a large selection of reconditioned CT machines ranging from 4 to 320 slices. CT images are diagnostic machines that are good for scanning injuries from trauma, abdominal pain, staging cancer, imaging bone, soft tissue differentiation and blood vessels. CT units rarely cause discomfort or stress for patients.

Equipment & Consulting

“Keeping it Simple”

If you’d like to use your own, local General Contractors and/or Architects then we will happily handle the equipment, installation and guide your team through the necessary buildout to support the modality of your choosing.

We will provide you with all the documentation and experience necessary for your team to build a scope of work for time, materials, labor and execute the buildout quickly and correctly.

  • Site Analysis/Feasibility Studies
  • Budgetary Estimates
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Medical Equipment Installation
  • Turnover & Applications Training
  • Operational Support

True Turnkey

“One Point of Contact for the Project in its Entirety”

  • Site Analysis/Feasibility Studies
  • Delivery of reports, cost estimates, preliminary plans, schedules, etc. within two weeks of the initial site visit or internal approval.
  • Budgetary Estimates and payment timelines
  • Design and Construction Management
  • Provide Architectural designs needed for proper permits
  • Hire and manage General Contractors for on-site buildout/special construction
  • Oversee all personnel attached to the job including electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.
  • Timely and Accurate progress reports to keep project on track
  • Clear distribution of responsibilities to hold personnel accountable
  • Regular progress meetings to ensure completion on time
  • Shielding and lead lining
  • Physicist reporting
  • Delivery, Rigging and placement of equipment
  • Equipment Installation and Turnover
  • Set up Data/communications and manage ongoing PACS system for image communication, security and storage
  • Applications Training
  • Continued Service & Warranty

Fixed CT Rentals

“Make your monthly payment, leave the rest to us”

Due to our extensive reach throughout the U.S., Mansa Medical is comfortable providing fixed CT rental options to clients. After Mansa Medical provides the initial costs of delivery, rigging and installation, the client is responsible for a fixed monthly cost until the contract is completed. Throughout the lifespan of that contract, Mansa will additionally be responsible for parts and labor service events.

  • Competitive Fixed Rates
  • Current technology
  • Fully Reconditioned CT units that look and perform like new
  • Installation, training and service included
  • Upgrade Pathways available for long term partnerships
  • Custom contract terms
Work With Us

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