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Our Simple, Proven Process

Our clients do not have the luxury of “free time.” At Mansa Medical we keep things simple by delivering a comprehensive plan, unmatched communication, and impressive accountability. This includes consulting on the best equipment for your facility, ensuring that your machine is properly installed and providing maintenance on the product. Below is our proven process and what you can expect from Mansa Medical’s impeccable track record as a single point of contact for all your MRI, CT and other medical equipment needs.

woman getting a CT scan
1. Approachable, Open Dialogue

No pressure, there are no “stupid questions,” just cooperative, comprehensive conversation to understand your objectives and present all available options.

2. Clear Vision to Revitalize Your Business

Considering the rapid advancement of imaging technology we balance your wants and needs to identify the best value to and enhance your operations.

MRI machine
3. Diplomatically Address Obstacles, Proactively Find Solutions

On-site and in the board room, we identify site-specific obstacles and apply our proven experience and resources to overcome them.

4. Trust but Verify, Commit to the Equipment

It’s important to us that you feel comfortable with your investment. We will structure your deal “pending favorable on-site evaluation” and encourage you to inspect the machine that has been reserved for you. If for any reason you decide that it is not what you expected, then without penalty you will be immediately released from any commitment as we act quickly to present another unit.

radiologist working
5. Complete Site-Specific Designs for Equipment and Workflow

So that there is no confusion, we provide your architect and general contractor site-specific room designs that layout machine placement, electrical, plumbing, etc.

6. Produce a Realistic, Hassle-Free Plan

Based on our proven experience, we supply a comprehensive scope of work with a detailed blueprint containing reachable benchmark goals and realistic timelines.

CT scanner
7. Assign Responsibilities, Get Things Done

Keep it simple, do good business. Spearheading the project management, we make sure all individuals involved with your project have clear roles and are each capable of delivering their expected contributions.

8. Lead The Way Through Proper Communication and Accountability

Where most companies fall short, we shine. We believe effective communication is the key to efficiency so whether good news or bad, we can be relied upon to keep everyone on the same page and moving forward to your ultimate satisfaction.

doctors reviewing scans
9. Deliver the Machine, Exceed Expectations

This is what we do. With the most elite engineers in the business, our boots on the ground will deliver your machine, rig it in, get you up and running, set up applications training and leave you with a machine that looks and performs like new. We’re not satisfied until we’ve exceeded your expectations.

10. Celebrate Your Cutting-Edge Equipment, Renewed Image & Embrace Your Social Responsibility

When the job is done you will have a top-tier imaging center, showcasing new and improved technology, which will offer a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for your patients and instill confidence in your community that your facility gives them the best support for their healthcare needs.

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