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Reconditioned Mobile MRI for Sale / Rent

Mobile MRI machines can be utilized to provide your facility with flexibility. The trailer contains your costs, can be used temporarily, service a wider region of patients and allows a facility to test the market before committing to a fixed system. The machines we offer are reliable and designed to ensure an optimal patient experience. 

We offer several different brands ranging from newer systems with advanced software applications to basic ones that are perfect for routine exams. To ensure that the customer is 100% satisfied, we have an experienced team member to guide them through each step of the process including consulting the customer on the right machine, site planning, delivery and installation. Read more about our process

At Mansa Medical, we work with organizations of all sizes including large health systems to small single practitioner offices. We have a proven track record of providing top quality refurbished mobile MRI machines. 

Want to learn more about our mobile MRI machines? Contact one of our expert consulting members! 

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